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"Over 150 pages of practical tools dedicated to training & preparing your staff to deal with campus mental health scenarios."

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Campus Mental Health Case Studies is packed with 25 topical case studies covering a full range of mental health issues and concerns that campus professionals may encounter in students. Each case study comes with:

- Discussion Questions

- A Counselor’s Perspective

- Key Issue Tags


Case Study Topics Include:

(1) Depression & Suicide (JoAnne): This case involves JoAnne, a first year student who attempts suicide in the residence halls.

(2) Anxiety & Stress (Alex): This case focuses on Alex, a senior biology student who has been accepted to medical school pending an A in his chemistry class. He is experiencing high amounts of stress and panic attacks.

(3) Homesickness (Kevin): This one reviews the case of Kevin, a first year student who struggles with adjusting to college. He is experiencing homesickness that may cross over into a depression.

(4) Veteran Issues (Kyle): This case describes Kyle, who has recently returned from Afghanistan and is struggling with how to succeed on campus.

(5) Violence and Aggression (Ella): This case spends time with Ella, who struggles with her anger and aggression. She recently yelled at a professor in class and threw a chair over while leaving.

(6) Aspergers (Davis): This case involves Davis, who has Aspergers disorder and has been having difficulty all around campus interacting with students, faculty and staff.

(7) Eating Disorders (Maria): This case focuses on Maria, who has an eating disorder and has worried several people around campus with her weight loss and over-exercising.

(8) Threatening Behavior (Darryl): This case involves Darryl, who has exhibited threatening behavior around campus to a few different offices (registrar, financial aid, food service).

(9) On-going Depression (Crystal): This case follows Crystal, who comes up often around campus as a depressed and withdrawn student of concern. Her depression rarely involves suicidal thoughts or ideations, but she often worries those around her that she “just doesn’t seem ok.”

(10) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Justin): This case focuses on Justin, who is jumpy and generally anxious and worried around campus. He has a history of being assaulted and struggles with PTSD issue.

(11) This Isn’t Like Home (Muriel): This one describes Muriel, who is from Australia and having some adjustment issues to life in the United States.

(12) They Don’t Belong Together (Alice and Mark): This case involves Alice and Mark, who have been dating for a number of years and recently broke up. Their verbal arguments are notorious around campus and both have requested on campus “stay-away” orders on each other through the conduct office.

(13) Trying to Balance it All (Vincenzo): This case focuses on Vincenzo, who is struggling with coming back to school and the stress caused by balancing his academic assignments with his family and work obligations.

(14) Alcohol Problems (Lisa): This case describes Lisa, who is struggling with her drinking. She is involved in a sorority on campus and has been failing many of her classes due to her partying ways.

(15) Hearing Voices (Charlie): This case involves Charlie, who is schizophrenic and has periods of good and bad times on campus. Lately he has been more erratic with his medications and has been causing problems around campus.

(16) Legalize Weed! (Summer): This one focuses on Summer, who believes that she should be able to smoke marijuana on campus and has been trying to start a pro-pot organization on campus. She admits to smoking several times daily and has no intention of stopping.

(17) Too Much Porn (Jesse): This case describes Jesse, who has an addiction to pornography and has recently gotten into trouble with the IT department, his roommate and some other friends on the floor who are worried about him.

(18) Pressure (Kara): This case follows Kara, who plays tennis for the university team and recently had a very public break down after losing a big match and falling behind in her class attendance. She feels stressed and jittery and experiences panic attacks.

(19) Picking on Boris (Boris): This case is about Boris, who has a history of being teased and picked on for his weight, lack of hygiene and difficulty getting along with others. He is often teased to the point where he loses control and starts yelling and crying.

(20) Attention! (Carol): This case focuses on Carol, who has trouble balancing too many activities on her schedule. She jumps from group to group and has difficulty focusing. She is diagnosed with ADHD and things seem to be getting worse.

(21) Family Problems (Pablo): This one involves Pablo, who has problems with his family. His parents are over-involved in his education and want him to come home often to help with his brothers. He is confused and overwhelmed.

(22) Diversity (Howard): This case is about Howard, who is an African American student at an all-white campus. Recently he and his friends were singled out for threatening a white female student.

(23) No More Meds (Billy): This case describes Billy, who has been on medication for bi-polar disorder for most of his life. He finds the medications make him feel “tired and without passion.”

(24) Addicted to Pain Pills (Hassan): This case involves Hassan, who has been abusing prescription pills for six months. His friends are concerned and trying to find a way to help.

(25) OCD (Diego): This one is about Diego, who has been having trouble with his anxiety disorder and OCD now that he is getting close to graduating.


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